Our products and services

Our service portfolio covers integrated a wide spectrum of mathematical optimization and planning in the energy industry.

Our modular software system DT.EnergySuite is used for stochastic and deterministic optimization of hydrothermal generation systems as well as for the optimal operation and valuation of natural gas Portfolios, gas storages and gas contracts. Additionally, DT.EnergySuite generates PFC's for power and gas markets, calibrates stochastic processes and generates scenarios and scenario trees.

Our IT-consultancy supports the process development of your optimization and planning system and implements the entire system integration of our software into your IT-environment.

Our consulting team consists of outstanding mathematicians who support you in diverse problems of mathematical optimization in your company and develops in cooperation modeling solutions.

Our workshops provide you the opportunity of know-how transfer in the subject of stochastic optimization, model development and scenario generation.

Our support team consists of professional developers and convinces through quick support via phone, email and instant messaging. 

In project studies for our customers and scientific cooperations we analyse the performance of several mathematical optimization methods for diverse use cases in the energy industry.